FAQ for TWX Proxy

Created 7 January 2002


This FAQ is created by Duanne ‘nzthordm’ McMahon by using all the interesting and lame questions put to the forum.  Where possible I will use actual copies of the question and answer from the forum, with notes added to help understand both the question and answer.  This FAQ will be in no particular order however, as it is a first read, first added basis.


I have made some minor corrections along the lines or removing invalid/outdated entries, but no spelling or gramma corrections have been made.  So all spelling/gramma errors are the responsibility of the writer of each question/answer.


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Question 1.  Gathering Information

Question 2.  Multiple Connections to one TWX Proxy?

Question 3.  What can be done to speed up script execution?

Question 4.  Reading/Writing files, and Loading Files?

Question 5.  Where can one find the scripts to load?

Question 6.  What hidden Variables/Commands are there?

Question 7.  Connecting to TWX Proxy from external?

Question 8.  To SINGLEKEY or not to SINGLEKEY?  GetConsoleInput command explained.

Question 9.  Where can the GOTO take you?

Question 10.  IF, ELSEIF, ELSE, and the dreaded UNKNOWN ERROR.

Question 11.  Tips to debug with...

Question 12.  ANSI_ ahoy!

Question 13.  Hows does the TWX directory get used in READ/WRITE/LOAD commands?

Question 14.  How big can she go, before she blows?  Variable size.

Question 15.  To see or not to see, what triggers there be?

Question 16.  Why ISNUMBER will not work right?

Question 17.  Running double TWX trouble?

Question 18.  Spacing, Spacing...  It's all about writing scripts.

Question 19.  How do you use triggers? And stay safe? Along with CURRENTLINE?

Question 20.  TWX Database gone phooey?

Question 21.  Counting backwards to 0, for looping in scripts.

Question 22.  Running Double TWX trouble #2?



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Question 1.  Gathering Information

Alloy - 10/27/01 11:30:35 PM   (CST)

I'm trying to figure out a way to run a script which will figure out how much experience my character has and then displays it back to me. If this seems like a rather useless script, thats because it is and I'm just tyring to figure out how to get information out of something several lines up.
Your help is much appreciated.




Answer 1.


Xide - 10/29/01 5:11:40 AM   (CST)

The easiest way of doing this is by getting the script to send an 'i', then setting the right textLineTrigger to get the info off the right line. There should be several scripts in pack1 that do this - you could take an example from scripts which get the current sector the player is in:

send "d"
setTextLineTrigger getSector :getSector "Sector : "
getWord CURRENTLINE $sector 3

echo "current sector is " $sector

For theory on the text and textLine triggers, I recommend you look them up in the help file :)


blackice - 11/1/01 12:18:28 PM   (CST)

send "i"
setTextLineTrigger getexp :getexp "Rank and Exp : "
getWord CURRENTLINE $currentexp 5

echo "Your Level of Experience Is:" $currentexp

Well Alloy, one reason I see it isnt returning it, is because your trigger is messed up.

Your creatin a trigger to go to a line named :getexp, but then u name the actual line u want, :getSector. They need to match. So just change that line to :getexp and it should work fine. It also might just display the exp at end of line, if u want it on a seperate line, just add a carraige return "*", echo "*Your...."


Question 2.  Multiple Connections to one TWX Proxy?

Alloy - 10/28/01 1:27:54 AM   (CST)

I've loaded TWXPROXY on a different machine than the one I use. I've given it a high port number for access and when I connect to it I'm locked in a view only mode. Is there a way that I can make TWX alloy me to control it remotely.




Answer 2.


Xide - 10/29/01 5:13:56 AM   (CST)

The view only lock is designed to prevent people from duping using eachothers IP addresses (in particular during tournaments). The program will not lock you in view only mode if you are connecting using a network address (192.168.*.*, 10.*.*.*,



Question 3.  What can be done to speed up script execution?

nzthordm - 11/12/01 11:04:47 PM   (CST)

Here is a question... Does have remarks, i.e. lines starting with #, slow down the execution of scripts? Namely inside large loops where you might want to comment on what the loop is doing...???



Answer 3.


Xide - 11/12/01 11:06:42 PM   (CST)

Marginally yes. It won't make any big difference, but because the script is interpreted (not compiled), every extra character the interpreter has to loop through will slow it down.



Question 4.  Reading/Writing files, and Loading Files?

nzthordm - 11/14/01 12:38:25 AM   (CST)

Could someone please explain how this is done? also how to run a second script from running only the first?



Answer 4.


Tweety - 11/14/01 1:33:29 AM   (CST)

May i ask what exactly you are trying to do? Writing to a file is VERY easy. It involves the WRITE command.

WRITE <path> <var>

each time you run this command, it will automatically place the text on the next line.


WRITE c:\myflie.txt "Line 1"
WRITE c:\myflie.txt "Line 2"
WRITE c:\myflie.txt "Line 3"

would produce a file that contains this:


So if you are trying to put a bunch of variables on one line, you may want to merge them into one string, or use the concatination or however you spell it character "&".

Here is a quick example that should store fed communication into a file hehe. Don't be mad if it doesn't work, or had bugs hehe. I'm writing this from my head. What i will do is set a trigger to watch for F, R and P, and then place that data into a file.

setTextLineTrigger fed :recordMsg "F "
setTextLineTrigger priv :recordMsg "P "
setTextLineTrigger sub :recordMsg "R "

setVar $targetline CURRENTLINE
WRITE c:\fedchatter.txt $targetline
GOTO :resetTriggers

remember, this script might have flaws hehe. i never tested it. but it does show how to use the command.



blackice - 11/14/01 6:26:14 PM   (CST)

Hey, Tweety, read it slower ;)

The load command will load another script and run it in parallel with
the current one.


load scriptFile> [parameters...]

scriptFile> is a variable or hard coded value containing the name of
the script which is to be loaded.

[parameters...] is a variable or hard coded value containing the parameter
list to be passed to the script being loaded. The target script can read
these parameters which are stored in the $parm[x] indexed variable.



Question 5.  Where can one find the scripts to load?

helps - 11/13/01 4:47:29 PM   (CST)

hi! i've just started twx and i don't know how to get the scripts? i down loaded twx and got teraterm. can any one help me. i don't how to get the scripts out of teraterm. and i also don't know how to use the scripts.



helps - 11/13/01 5:37:58 PM   (CST)

xide if this is a good trade wars program i will register it once i learn how to use the scripts on teraterm ok thanks.........

i still don't know how to get the scripts from tera term or how to use them in tera term... if u could help me out with that?please thanks......




Answer 5.


nzthordm - 11/14/01 12:41:28 AM   (CST)

For starters, the scripts in tera term and in twxproxy are two totaly different things...

to access twxproxy scripts, right-click on the twxproxy icon bottom of screen, and select load script.

what ever scripts you have for tera term, is you business... those script, unless design for tradewars, dont belong on this forum...



Tweety - 11/14/01 1:23:29 AM   (CST)

Let me first start off and ask you to read the First Tutorial posted on this website in the Tutorials section. There will explain about TWX Proxy, and what it is intended to do. Will even tell you how to get started.

Once you complete what is mentioned there, running scripts is a breeze. Like mentioned before, you just right click the TWX icon in the bottom right tray and select Load Script. Or if you feel more comfortable, and know which script your loading by name, you can use the command menu by pressing $. if you press ? you can get a list of commands that you can use. The next few tutorials talk about this too. So please read the tutorials.

If you still have questions, post them here and we will help you out ASAP.



helps - 11/14/01 5:37:58 AM   (CST)

i still can't find where the i con is to work the scripts what does the icon look like ? it's definatly not at the bottom of teraterm



blackice - 11/14/01 6:28:48 PM   (CST)

Sorry Helps, I must agree with Tweety, go read the tutorial. It walks you step by step on installing and running TWX Proxy. And the Icon Nz was talkin about is in your taskbar down by the clock of windows, ONCE you run the TWX program. You use TeraTerm to connect to TWX



Tweety - 11/14/01 6:48:53 PM   (CST)

This is how TWX Proxy works. TWX sits between the game server and the terminal program(tera term, whatever) and relays the data and stores some.



So you use tera term to connect to say localhost:23, this is assuming that TWX proxy is watching for connections on port 23 of your local machine. Then you will see a Beautiful menu saying that you connected to TWX Proxy and some other stuff. Now locate that TWX icon beside you clock on the bottom right of your screen. it says TWX in a little black circle. If you still can't see it, it will sit with your ICQ icon if you see that heh. right click it and select connect. of course you need to have a game setup already



Xide - 11/14/01 7:00:41 PM   (CST)

They said it better than I could - have a good read of the readme.txt file or the first tutorial on this site.


Question 6.  What hidden Variables/Commands are there?

blackice - 11/16/01 1:56:55 PM   (CST)

Anyone found a way to pull what the name of database TWX is currently using? Maybe hiddne variable? (doubt it though). I even tried a EventTrigger, which you would have to run the script, then reload the database for the trigger to activate, but couldn't get any of them to work for this.

BTW, what's the Program Loaded event used for? Its not for scripts and it doesn't activate when you load/unload a database, and it also wont trigger when you start TWX (if setup in the event dialog inside TWX)



Answer 6.


Xide - 11/16/01 2:11:41 PM   (CST)

There is a constant called 'GAMENAME' that returns the name of the selected database. Sorry another undocumented :(



Xide - 11/16/01 2:14:51 PM   (CST)

Hmm.. its SUPPOSED to activate when TWX is started. Thanks for reporting the bug, on the list it goes...



blackice - 11/16/01 3:34:25 PM   (CST)

Sweet works, thnx Xide.



Tweety - 11/16/01 5:14:54 PM   (CST)

Shrug hehe, I use version 1.08b the newer version of it hehe. and i Use the Program Loaded event inside twx to load my online script heh. it works great



Tweety - 11/16/01 5:22:47 PM   (CST)

Here are the built-in variables I KNOW exist in TWX:


Below are the color variables usually used with the ECHO command:

and here are the commands that I know exist:
(i may have missed some)

Add var value>
ClearProgVar name
ClientMessage value>
CutText line> storageVar cutFrom> cutLength>
Delete file>
Divide var value>
Echo values ...>
EchoChar char>
ElseIf (value1> operator value2>)
GetConsoleInput inputVar [singleKey?]
GetCourse (not sure what the parameters are)
GetDate var
GetDistance var from> to>
GetInput inputVar prompt>
GetLength text> var
GetRnd storageVar lowestValue> highestValue>
GetSector sectorIndex> storageVar
GetText line> var startStr> endStr>
GetTime var
GetWord line> storageVar wordNum>
GetWordPos text> storageVar subString>
Gosub :label>
Goto :label>
If (value1> operator value2>)
IsNumber storageVar conditionVar
KillTrigger triggerName>
KillWindow name
Load scriptFile> [parameters ...>]
Logging setting>
MergeText value1> value2> mergedVar
Multiply var value>
Read file> storageVar line>
ReplaceText var oldText> newText>
Send values ...>
SetDelayTrigger name> :label> delay>
SetEventTrigger name> :label> value> [param>]
SetProgVar name value>
SetTextLineTrigger name> :label> value>
SetTextTrigger name> :label> value>
SetVar var value>
SetWindowContents name contents>
Sound file>
Stop scriptName>
StripText var text>
Subtract var value>
WaitFor value>
Window name sizeX> sizeY> title> [ontop?]
Write file> text>



blackice - 11/16/01 8:54:58 PM   (CST)

U my hero Tweety. Couple questions though ;)

GetCourse - Whats it do and only avail in 1.08?
GetDistance - Only avail in 1.08?
Gosub - Go to a line already inside a routine?
SetProgVar - shrug> Global variable for all scripts? 1.08?
Sound - No matter what I try, wont work. Fixed or somethin I'm missing? I've done .wav in same dir and tried puttin path to it, never plays.
SystemScript - Whats it used for and 1.08 only?



blackice - 11/16/01 8:56:59 PM   (CST)

Ohh ya, and what does RETURN actually return?



Tweety - 11/16/01 11:42:32 PM   (CST)

GetCourse - Whats it do and only avail in 1.08?
GetDistance - Only avail in 1.08?
Gosub - Go to a line already inside a routine?
SetProgVar - shrug> Global variable for all scripts? 1.08?
Sound - No matter what I try, wont work. Fixed or somethin I'm missing? I've done .wav in same dir and tried puttin path to it, never plays.
SystemScript - Whats it used for and 1.08 only?

Ok, getCourse and getDistance are only available in version 1.08+

goSub and RETURN work together. goSub will go to a specified label, then it will execute that code. when the RETURN command is found, it will return to just after executing the goSub command.

example 1:

goSub :validate
clientMessage "Validation was a success!"

clientMessage "Validating... please wait..."

the above example is simple heh, but you should understand how it can be used. heh if you were to run it, it would say Validating... then it would end with validation was a success.

setProgVar, i think your right about it being where you can set a global variable for all running scripts. I have never actually used this command yet. but i think thats it.

SystemScript, this command can be used to load a script and keep it loaded until you manually cancel it from the TWX icon. It will NOT be unloaded if you do the quick stop All scripts from the TWX menu "$sx". i like to put SystemScript in my online script at the top heh, that way it stays online. even if i shut off all scripts

SOUND, this command as you may well know plays a sound heh. here is an example of a script i use hehe, it wakes me up when i need it to:

example 2:
setTextLineTrigger fig :Alert "Report Sector"
setTextLineTrigger limp :Alert "Limpet mine in"
setTextLineTrigger mine :Alert "Your mines in"

getWord CURRENTLINE $char 1
if ($char = "F") OR ($char = "P") OR ($char = "R") OR ($char = ">")
GOTO :resetTriggers

SOUND ChatBeep.wav
setDelayTrigger 0 :Alert 1000

place the WAV, "ChatBeep.wav", in the directory of the TWXProxy.exe file, or i beleive you can specify the full path like

SOUND c:\myfiles\ChatBeep.wav



blackice - 11/17/01 8:05:52 PM   (CST)

Thnx Tweety for the explanations. BTW, for some reason when I tried the SOUND again, it works. lol. Duno what I was doin wrong month ago.


Question 7.  Connecting to TWX Proxy from external?

Morden Khai - 11/19/01 10:43:30 PM   (CST)

I haven't used TWX in a while, and went to use it again today. I went into setup and made a new game, since I was gonna go try my luck in a game I hadn't been in yet. Whenever I tried to connect to TWX through SWATH, then ZOC, I got a connected message and a disconnected message immediately after. I told TWX to accept external connections, cause I haven't messed with it before and thought maybe I was supposed to have that checked, and it lets me in. However it only lets me look, I cant even type in to log in hehe Can anyone tell me what I messed up? I am clueless hehe

Thanks in advance,
Morden Khai



Answer 7.


Tweety - 11/20/01 12:50:07 AM   (CST)

The Accept External connections check box is used to allow other computers/users to connect to your TWX proxy server and view what you see.

If someone has your IP address and the Port number, they could telnet there and watch waht your doing. I'd recommend unchecking that box unless you really want other people to see.

as for connecting/disconnecting. Are you connecting your SWATH to (localhost)on the port that TWX Proxy is listening on?

if TWX proxy is listening on port 23, you would use your terminal program (SWATH, ATTAC) to connect to:




Question 8.  To SINGLEKEY or not to SINGLEKEY?  GetConsoleInput command explained.

The WABBIT - 11/27/01 8:28:57 PM   (CST)

1 last question for today. It is about the
following command:

GetConsoleInput inputVar [singleKey?]

Can this be used to for single key entry?

If so how?

When I use it the it waits until the return key
is pressed before excepting the input.



Answer 8.


Tweety - 11/28/01 12:46:10 AM   (CST)

Yup. This command was designed to allow for a single key stroke. here is an example:

ECHO "Do you like dogs? (y/n) "
getConsoleInput $answer SINGLEKEY

if ($answer = "Y")
clientMessage "Cool!"
clientMessage "You don't know what your missing"

the parameter i put as SINGLEKEY can be anything. the command jsut requires something there to tell it that it is a single key entry. If you do NOT put something in place of SINGLEKEY it will wait for the ENTER key.



blackice - 11/28/01 9:41:50 AM   (CST)

Tweety is correct. I too just put SINGLEKEY just outta habit because it tells me it just needs a SINGLEKEY entered.

If you use Tweety's example and only want Y or N to be choices, do this:

ECHO "Do you like dogs? (y/n) "
getConsoleInput $answer SINGLEKEY

if ($answer = "Y") OR ($answer = "y")
clientMessage "Cool!"
elseif ($answer = "N" OR ($answer = "n")
clientMessage "You don't know what your missing"
clientMessage "Not a valid choice"
goto :Menu



Tweety - 11/28/01 3:22:48 PM   (CST)

If i'm not mistaken, the getConsoleInput command returns a Capitalized letter, so there shouldn't be any need to check if it is a upper or lowercase letter.



The WABBIT - 11/28/01 5:37:35 PM   (CST)

thanks tweety :-)

I will give it a test run and see if it only returns
the upper case letter or not. But putting the command
as is displayed in the cmd.txt file.

GetConsoleInput inputVar [singleKey?]

makes it look like a question on wether or not it can
do single key input. At least to me it does.


Question 9.  Where can the GOTO take you?

avonavilla - 11/29/01 9:31:23 PM   (CST)

So I have a new issue in my script. Basically I have some code that looks like this:

if ($foo > 0)
#do stuff
subtract $foo 1
goto :loop

When I ran this I got an error saying script error goto marker not found :loop.

If I moved the goto :loop outside of the if block, I get an unknown error. Any thoughts?



Answer 9.


avonavilla - 11/29/01 9:44:32 PM   (CST)

I fixed the problem, but the issue might be a bug. My script was actually more like this:

setvar $foo 1
if ($foo = 1)
if ($foo2 > 0)
#do stuff
subtract $foo2 1
goto :loop

That code failed with the goto label unknown, however if you remove the outer if block it works.



Xide - 11/29/01 9:57:11 PM   (CST)

This could be the famous tabulation bug.

The script interpreter seems to have problems with tab characters place by some text editors. Try removing your tabulation or replacing it with spaces.



blackice - 11/30/01 11:22:11 AM   (CST)

Tabs work fine in my TextPad (awesome text editor for anything). I'd actually rewrite your script to look like this. That way it only does the stuff while $foo is > 0. If its not, it exits the loop and goes on to other stuff if u have it.

setvar $foo 1
if ($foo2 > 0)
&NBSP &NBSP #do stuff
&NBSP &NBSP subtract $foo2 1
&NBSP &NBSP goto :loop



blackice - 11/30/01 11:24:18 AM   (CST)

Ok, who's the wise guy who turned off my pretty HTML code? :(   = 1 space



blackice - 11/30/01 11:25:42 AM   (CST)

lol, nm. I figured it out. Your forum database is parsing uppercase '&NBSP' as text. For real HTML space ya gotta use lower case  . Just a FYI



Question 10.  IF, ELSEIF, ELSE, and the dreaded UNKNOWN ERROR.

avonavilla - 11/29/01 1:41:26 AM   (CST)

I'm trying to write a script that does the following:

1) Checks if there is a port in the current sector
2) if there is, looks for a paired port in an adjacent sector
3) if there is, moves to that sector
4) verifies the ports can be pair traded by checking that it didn't just cross a one way warp.
5) if it found a valid pair port, it trades between them.

I've written some of the script, and it's rather ugly to be honest, but when I try to run it I get an unknown error. The error occurs after the clientMessage "1" call, but before the next clientMessage. There is nothing wrong with the statement that gives the error, and if it is removed the error just occurs on the next line. If any one has suggestions I'd love to hear them.

========= Start Script =========
# First get the sector we are in
clientMessage "Getting current sector"
setTextLineTrigger 1 :getSectorNumber "Sector : "
send "d"

clientMessage "In label"
getWord CURRENTLINE $sectorIndx 3
clientMessage $sectorIndx
setvar $sector $sectorIndx

# Next see if we have pair ports.
getSector $sector $curSector

clientMessage "Checking if port exists"
if ($curSector.port.exists = 1)
clientMessage "Port exists. Setting pair matrix"
clientMessage $curSector.port.name
clientMessage $curSector.port.class

# Set up our possible pair ports
setvar $pairOne = 11
setvar $pairTwo = 11
setvar $pairThree = 11
if ($curSector.port.class = 1)
setvar $pairOne 2
setvar $pairTwo 3
setvar $pairThree 4
if ($curSector.port.class = 2)
setvar $pairOne 1
setvar $pairTwo 3
setvar $pairThree 5
clientMessage "1"
if ($curSector.port.class = 3)
setvar $pairOne 1
setvar $pairTwo 2
setvar $pairThree 6
clientMessage "2"
if ($curSector.port.class = 4)
setvar $pairOne 1
setvar $pairTwo 5
setvar $pairThree 6
if ($curSector.port.class = 5)
setvar $pairOne 2
setvar $pairTwo 4
setvar $pairThree 6
if ($curSector.port.class = 6)
setvar $pairOne 3
setvar $pairTwo 4
setvar $pairThree 5
clientMessage "Done setting matrix"

# Loop over all my warps to see if they have compatible ports
clientMessage "Looking for pairs"
setvar $warps $sector.warps
if ($warps > 0)
getSector $sector.warp[$warps] $pairSector

clientMessage "Checking " $sector.warp[$warps]
if ($pairSector.port.exists)
clientMessage "Port exists. Checking if compatible"
if ($pairSector.density = 100)
if ($pairSector.port.class = $pairOne)
goto :check_one_way
if ($pairSector.port.class = $pairTwo)
goto :check_one_way
if ($pairSector.port.class = $pairThree)
goto :check_one_way
clientMessage "Not compatible"

subtract $warps 1
goto :loop
goto :no_trade

# Check for a one way by moving then looking for a return
clientMessage "Checking for one way warp"
setvar $pairIndx $sector.warp[$warps]
send $pairIndx "*"
waitfor "Sector : "

setvar $warps $sector.warps
if ($warps > 0)
if ($pairSector.warp[$warps] = $sectorIndx)
goto :trade
subtract $warps 1
goto :loop_2


clientMessage "Trading with " $sectorIndx $pairIndx

clientMessage "Not Trading"
======= End Script =======

Also are there any plans to add functions calls to this language? Or the ability to import other scripts? Any chance the perl interpreter could get embedded into TWX? Thanks.



Answer 10.


Tweety - 11/29/01 2:56:49 AM   (CST)

First off let me tell you to be careful when you use the setVar command. I noticed that you put something like setvar $pairOne = 11 in your code in 3 places. This would set the variable $pairOne to =. NOT 11

If i'm not mistaken, and i could be here. But i think the variable from the getSector command called $pairSector.port.exists will contain TRUE or FALSE. and in TWX i think you actually have to do something like this:

if ($pairSector.port.exists = TRUE)

Its annoying i know heh.

Xide has thought about adding more scripting language support, but i don't think that is in his immediate plans at the moment. If you wait Xide will probably reply too :P



avonavilla - 11/29/01 1:00:09 PM   (CST)

The GetSector.port.exists call seems to work OK, if I compare it to 1. It didn't work using it by itself in the if statement.

I use setvar pairOne 11, so I have a known value to compare those guys to. That way if I hit a class or 9 port, I don't bother trying to trade with it.

It's weird though, it's kinda like the script dies from too many if's, or too many setvar's since it runs further if I remove all the if (port.class = ?) setvar blocks.



Xide - 11/29/01 3:57:04 PM   (CST)

I hate unknown errors - they can be difficult to track. Best way of finding out exactly what is causing them is to just place checkpoints in your code to see how far it gets. The most common mistakes behind unknown errors are:

1. Database corruption (trying to run a getSector command on a sector that is corrupted in your database)
2. Syntax errors
3. Mismatched conditions (i.e. your IFs and ENDs not matching up)



blackice - 11/29/01 6:05:21 PM   (CST)

I've never had a prob with TWX dyin or gettin confused from too many IF statements, but a couple words of advice for scripting to make finding problems easier.

1. when doin IF statements, always indent/tab the lines after the IF line. Example

IF ($curSector.port.class = 1)
setvar $pairOne 2
setvar $pairTwo 3
setvar $pairThree 4

2. Simplify and reduce the # of IF's u use. Combine multiple IF's into one. Example

if ($curSector.port.class = 1)
setvar $pairOne 2
setvar $pairTwo 3
setvar $pairThree 4
if ($curSector.port.class = 2)
setvar $pairOne 1
setvar $pairTwo 3
setvar $pairThree 5
clientMessage "1"
if ($curSector.port.class = 3)
setvar $pairOne 1
setvar $pairTwo 2
setvar $pairThree 6

IF ($curSector.port.class = 1)
setvar $pairOne 2
setvar $pairTwo 3
setvar $pairThree 4
ELSEIF ($curSector.port.class = 2)
setvar $pairOne 1
setvar $pairTwo 3
setvar $pairThree 5
clientMessage "1"
ELSEIF ($curSector.port.class = 3)
setvar $pairOne 1
setvar $pairTwo 2
setvar $pairThree 6

3. I'm assuming all those ClientMessages is to let you know what the script is doing. Another helpful way to see how far its getting, is to put PAUSE statements after those Messages and echo any variables u wanna make sure are gettin set right. Just rem to delete the PAUSE when u want it to go further ;)

4. Like Tweety pointed out, You are using the syntax for setVar incorrectly

setvar $pairOne = 11
setvar $pairTwo = 11
setvar $pairThree = 11

Should be...

setvar $pairOne 11
setvar $pairTwo 11
setvar $pairThree 11

Hope some of these tips help ya



blackice - 11/29/01 6:07:09 PM   (CST)

Sorry, Forum removes all spacing and identing.




avonavilla - 11/29/01 7:27:54 PM   (CST)

Thanks, cleaning up the setvar was the problem. It probably corrupted something internal, which caused the script to die later on. I also switched to if/elseif blocks, which I would have done from the start, but I wasn't sure if it was supported. Does anyone know if the language supports loops, or case/switch statements? Thanks.



blackice - 11/30/01 11:16:13 AM   (CST)

Does support loops. And normal IF..ElseIF statements. Not sure what u mean by the Case/Switch, but lemme take a stab.

You can do stuff like
IF ($name = "bob") OR ($name = "steve")
&NBSP &NBSP &NBSP echo "Sup dudes"
Elseif ($name = "Marry") AND ($name2 = "Wendy")
&NBSP &NBSP &NBSP echo "Hello my 2 ladies"

Those only 2 Operands I've ever used and know about for TWX.
If ya talkin case of letters, everything is Case sensitive for the most part.



Tweety - 11/30/01 1:29:50 PM   (CST)

Currently it does NOT support for loops, while loops. Does NOT have a case statement.

You have to use probably if statements with maybe elseif

loops for now have to be done with GOTO sigh...

I keep asking Xide to bring in loops, functions etc... hehe. I know he wants loops as well.



The WABBIT - 12/1/01 9:01:03 PM   (CST)


I have never been able to get a If ... ElseIf statement to work past the first and only else if.
I have tried all combo's of If ... ElseIf. Example:

If ($x > 5)
elseIf ($x < 3)
elseIf ($z = 100)

The above never works for me. I always get and error.
But, if I remove the last elseIf and make it a seperate If statement
I have no problems


I have always had problems with TWX not finding labels if they are indented. I have used the following
to write my scripts:

Word Perfect v9.0
MS Word
DOS's Edit
and EditPad Lite

With all of these I have not been
able to get a label that is indented to work.



avonavilla - 12/1/01 11:22:22 PM   (CST)

I'm using XEmacs on NT, and I find that if a line begins with a tab, the parser ignores that line. If you replace your tabs with spaces, it might work.



Tweety - 12/2/01 2:39:58 AM   (CST)

I use Windows Notepad. i have no problems, but i never use the tab key cause it makes too large of a space for my liking :P

i always use spaces to indent



blackice - 12/3/01 11:34:28 AM   (CST)

Avon, for your IF ELSEIF statements, trying adding a ELSE after last ELSEIF. I dont remember if mine does work w/o it, but you could try. ICQ me if ya still have a prob 48105781

IF ($x > 5)
ELSEIF ($x < 3)
ELSEIF ($z = 100)
      do something or leave blank

I too have had probs with indented label lines. Of course I used tabs but its never had a prob before. Maybe I'll try just spaces


Question 11.  Tips to debug with…

Smart Idiot - 12/6/01 5:26:13 PM   (CST)

I have been having fun learning about the scripting langauge (Thanks Xide for a great product) and was having to run my script to test it. Many times I wanted to see what a value was at a particular spot. So I made this
pause routine and thought I'd share it. Hope it helps anyone wanted to write scripts.

echo "Hey, you are stopped here for some reason*"
echo "Press space to continue.*"
getConsoleInput $test SINGLEKEY

if ($test <> " ")
goto :getspace



Answer 11.


blackice - 12/6/01 6:52:06 PM   (CST)

Glad we got more people learning to script. Since I've been doin this for awhile, lemme share some easier techniques.

blah blah..code doing stuff...blah blah
echo "**" $whatevervariable

(Easiest to chk value of variables, but ya gotta Manually stop the script, it wont continue. You also could use instead of the echo, ClientMessage $variable)

blah blah..code doing stuff...blah blah
echo "**Made It"

If ya wanna be really cool ;) create a window and display the variable or "Made it" text in that, but always follow it with a PAUSE so it stops.

4. If ya workin with crap loads of variables, and dont wanna echo all those variables, just do a OutputVars on its own line. Spits out all variables and what they equal.

*Note, instead of pauses and manually stopping, you could just use a HALT so it terminates the script.

GL man, and always post if ya got a question. There's always ppl here to answer em and help ya.


Question 12.  ANSI_ ahoy!

blackice - 12/7/01 5:18:45 PM   (CST)

Would it be possible to enhance TWX's ability to read the ANSI_## code from a variable. Couple cases I've found to be cool to do, would be add a random color feature. So I could do soemthing like this:

getRnd $rndcolor 1 14

echo ANSI_$rndcolor "text here"
mergeText "ANSI_" $rndcolor $CompletedAnsi
echo $CompleteAnsi "text here"

Maybe a work around someone knows of?



Answer 12.


Tweety - 12/7/01 6:13:01 PM   (CST)

You can embed ANSI color codes in the test you send by means of ECHO or clientMessage. however you have to send the escape sequence first then the code.

eg 1) Red text, then i turn off the ANSI codes at the end of the text.

ECHO "*[31mThis is Red[0m"

eg 2) Red Text ALL blinking, and then ANSI codes off at the end.

ECHO "*[5;31mThis is Red Blinking[0m"

eg 3) Red text with a blue background. Only the word RED is blinking. i also turned the ANSI codes off at the end.

ECHO "*[0;31;44mThis is [5mRed[0;31;44m with a Blue Background and Red is blinking[0m"

You could also use the getRnd command to produce a random value in the ANSI color range 30-37 for foreground colors, 40-47 for background colors. Then you just put them in with the MergeText command or the concatination character &

this example below gives a random forground color:

getRnd $num 30 37
ECHO "*["&$num&"mThis is a random color"



blackice - 12/8/01 3:35:17 AM   (CST)

Hrmm, I'll have to try that. Thnx Tweety



blackice - 12/8/01 7:18:40 PM   (CST)

One more quick question, for makin the escape character, u doin it in like DOS then copyin it, or your text editor let u do it in there? And what key combo is it for it.



Xide - 12/9/01 12:14:47 AM   (CST)

You can specify the escape character in the script using #27

The # operator lets you get character codes and write them into the script... i.e:

echo #27 "[31m"



Tweety - 12/9/01 1:46:53 AM   (CST)

cool, i didn't know that heh


Question 13.  Hows does the TWX directory get used in READ/WRITE/LOAD commands?

nzthordm - 11/14/01 6:28:20 PM   (CST)

Is there a varible or command that can get the current script folder/path??? so that instead of supplying the full path to run a script from inside another script, we just grab the scripts path, and then add script want to run??? and if not in version 1.07, is there plans to add it to 1.08?



Answer 13.


blackice - 11/14/01 6:32:42 PM   (CST)

None that I have heard of. Most programs that support scripting have built-in variables and one of them is typically a $path type variable that displays the current path. Far as I can tell, Xide never added anything like that, but maybe he knows more then he is telling ;) I've also had no luck finding anyway to speghetti code it to work either, so until Xide spills his guts, or adds in next version, dont count on it.



Tweety - 11/14/01 6:37:22 PM   (CST)

As far as i know, there is NO variable to use to get the Path to the script directory.

You could say NO directory and just the filename i think hehe. it will probably default to the TWX directory where the twxproxy.exe file is.



blackice - 11/14/01 6:56:18 PM   (CST)

Well, yes and no Tweety. It will default to the main TWX directory, but thats only spot you can load a file from, or write to. Doesnt that kinda sound pointless to have a scripts folder if you cant actually send or get external data from it? ;) It may be a by-product of having a $path type variable, but those programs let you read and save to DIFFERENT folders other then the root the program resides in.

This all would be easier if he could get it to access other directories, but may not due to some limitation in code. If that's the case, it might be better to change the default directory, if possible, to the Scripts directory



Tweety - 11/14/01 6:59:25 PM   (CST)

hehe true true



Xide - 11/14/01 7:05:53 PM   (CST)

No variable or built in support for this (yet), I'll add it to my list for 1.08b. Although you should be able to specify relative to the script your running, i.e:

load "myscripts\myscript.ts"

Not tested, but the below might work too:

load "..\myscripts\myscript.ts"



blackice - 11/15/01 1:46:44 PM   (CST)

I got bored at work, but did alot more testing this time ;)
Example path of your installation
C:\Program Files\TWX\Scripts

write .\scripts\script.ts
puts file here
c:\Program Files\TWX\Scripts\script.ts

write ..\script.ts
puts file here
c:\Program Files\TWX\script.ts

write \\diablo\scripts - network'd PC name of diablo in directory name 'scripts'
puts file here

write D:\My Stuff\TWX\Scripts.ts - Different HardDrive
puts file here
D:\My Stuff\TWX\Scripts.ts

I shoulda tried all this before, which I thought I did, but I apologize for the mis-information earlier



blackice - 11/16/01 1:21:26 PM   (CST)

Ohh ya, forgot to add, if you puttin it to a diff directory other then the default TWX directory, the destination directory/path has to exist already. TWX WILL NOT CREATE IT IF DOES NOT EXIST ALREADY



Xide - 11/17/01 4:33:37 AM   (CST)

LOL I think you know more about how my program handles paths than I do now... [writes it down]



nzthordm - 12/1/01 1:20:33 PM   (CST)

I just tried to use the load command, and got unknown error... I tried it multiple ways.

load C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\TWXProxy107b\scripts\captest.ts shipcap.txt

load ..\scripts\captest.ts shipcap.txt

load .\scripts\captest.ts shipcap.txt

well that unknown error was actually a file not found error... i had the wrong script name, should have been captext.ts not captest.ts

Now i get...


Script Error on line 8: Insufficient parameters

Command [TL=00:00:00]:[17039] (?=Help)? :

i take it from the help file that you dont need " around the value you want to pass along, but i get that error from if ($parm[0] = "") as in im cheacking that it wass called by another script and has the filename passed to it...

Any ideas anyone? has anyone here actually used the load command and passed along parameters? I also tried if ($parm[1] = "") and got the same error.



Xide - 12/1/01 6:20:46 PM   (CST)

I think the error may be in your syntax. Can you post the block of code giving you the error?



nzthordm - 12/3/01 2:51:42 AM   (CST)

if ($parm[0] = "")
echo "**Must be loaded by another script!**"
setvar $name $parm[0]

also tried if ($parm[1] = "") but still gave an insufficent parameters error



Tweety - 12/3/01 4:52:38 PM   (CST)

I copied and pasted that exact code into a file and ran it. had no problems other than it not saying "Must be loaded by another script!"

I have noticed that if there has been NO parameter given, parm[0] will contain 0 not an empty string like ""



Tweety - 12/3/01 4:54:17 PM   (CST)

The insufficient parameter error tends to make me believe you have a syntax error maybe up higher.



nzthordm - 12/3/01 8:01:17 PM   (CST)

It might actually be a 1.07 bug, as i believe u have 1.08 tweety... but thanks for letting me know its $parm[0]=0 instead of ""

It it isn't a script error above that parm check, as that is the first codeing, the rest above it is just comments...



nzthordm - 12/12/01 3:49:17 AM   (CST)

I finaly wrote a script that loads another script ontop.

lol... anways, something i found interesting in 1.07b, is that using load "script.ts" loads the script from the scripts folder, and not the TWX root like i thought...


Question 14.  How big can she go, before she blows?  Variable size.

blackice - 12/5/01 7:59:14 PM   (CST)

I was just messing around and found something very interesting.

First I found that I cant do ANY addition that the sum would be over 2,147,483,647. It starts returning negative #'s.

1,000,000,000 + 1,47,483,647 = 2,147,483,647
1,000,000,001 + 1,47,483,647 = -2,147,483,648

If you do any DIVIDE, MULTIPLY, or SUBTRACT of a # greater then 2,147,483,647 it will return a Bad Numeric Value error not matter what your other value is or the result will be.

I think its a limitation on how much a variable can hold because only happens when variables are in the equation

Anyone else ran into this?



Answer 14.


nzthordm - 12/5/01 11:17:38 PM   (CST)

That number limit is caused by programming in general... in order to keep twx proxy fast i believe he limited the numbers to 16 bit, also called long intergers... that way it uses only 2 bytes for the memory, makeing it both faster and uses less memory...

For larger number he would have to use whats called double long. However that uses 4 bytes, at about a 3-4 times speed difference.

Now i believe that a double long can hold like 1x10^299 or something as big as that, when it comes to speed, it can slow done quite a bit... it really depends on why you want to use such large numbers...



blackice - 12/6/01 12:23:06 AM   (CST)

True, but why the strange uneven number?

and BTW, I was using a variable to hold cash amount, and the math was crashing because it was exceeding 2billion. If this is a limitation, can u guys think of a work around when doin math with that large of numbers?



Lostone - 12/12/01 1:25:40 PM   (CST)

On this note... check this script out real quick...

getInput $figs "Enter the number of figs this ship can hold"
getInput $planet "Enter the planet number the cash is in"
getInput $secfigs "Enter the number of Fighters in the sector"
getInput $sec "enter the sec to deploy"
getInput $stock "enter the class 0 port sector"

getInput $max "enter the max amount of money to take"
##### Try replacing it with a setVar $max 999999999 and I always had the script crash on me... When I added this getInput to enter it manually it worked fine.. I think this is also similar to your maxnumber problem... although it is a number not even half as large as yours...


send "i"
setTextLineTrigger 2 :cash "Credits :"

getWord CURRENTLINE $cash 3
stripText $cash ","
if ($cash < 100000000)
goto :subcash

send $stock "*ne"
send "ptb" $figs "*q"
send $sec "*ne"
add $secfigs $figs
send "f" $secfigs "*cd"
waitfor "Done. "
goto :run


setVar $needed $max
subtract $needed $cash
send "l" $planet "*ctf" $needed "*qtnt1*q*"
goto :run



blackice - 12/13/01 8:35:35 PM   (CST)

Ya, thats what I'm talkin about. You can set variables and such with the high #'s, but try and output it or manipulate it, its barfs on ya :/


Question 15.  To see or not to see, what triggers there be?

Zentock - 12/13/01 2:19:33 PM   (CST)

If while running multiple scripts or newly aquired scripts i wanted too see what triggers r active.
what would the exact code look like that would be placed just b4 the exit ?
and how do i check for unneeded or unwanted triggers.
also what would kill all triggers look like?
thanks too anyone that can/does help.



Answer 15.


blackice - 12/13/01 8:45:27 PM   (CST)

Currently, as far as I know, you can only View and Kill triggers within the current script.
You would have to place a ViewTriggers at end of every script.
Theres no command to run and chk for useless triggers. Ya just gotta walk thru your script step by step and see whats not needed. You could actually right click TWX icon, goto VIEW, then do Script Triggers and that will show u all triggers loaded for that script chosen(drop down box on top to choose which script).

kill all triggers is just, KillAllTriggers


Question 16.  Why ISNUMBER will not work right? And Answer 16.

blackice - 12/6/01 7:28:51 PM   (CST)

just a FYI to fix for 1.08 if it isn't already. The isNumber function is backwards. I'll show you.

setVar $i 23
isNumber $result $i
echo "*"

setvar $i abc
isNumber $result $i
echo "*"

$I: 23




The WABBIT - 12/14/01 12:40:08 AM   (CST)

Yes this is a bug. I had cought it about a month and a half ago. I had told xide then. I even sent a test script for him to use.

He stated that it would be fix in 1.08b. We'll see, since he has alot on his plate for bugs this time around.


Question 17.  Running double TWX trouble?

Thor - 12/16/01 7:05:06 PM   (CST)

I want to run TWX more than once, so that i can work in more than one game at a time. Is there any way to do this?



Answer 17.


blackice - 12/16/01 9:26:01 PM   (CST)

Yep, just load up a 2nd copy, then u gotta go set its internal port to listen on something other then default of 23. Then just have your 2nd Telnet app connect to on that new port #



Question 18.  Spacing, Spacing…  It’s all about writing scripts.

Thor - 12/17/01 10:04:21 PM   (CST)

I changed the lines of code as black ice recommended, kept getting error messages that the IF line didn't have enough information. So, I changed the code so that the IF THEN and setVar were all on one line, with END after each IF THEN statement. Now, I don't get the error messages about not having enough information, instead the script just sits there and does nothing. Here is all the code, can anyone help? Thanks for any help you can give. :)


getInput $ts "what is the trouble sector?"

IF ($ts=2299) THEN setVar $ns 779
IF ($ts=779) THEN setVar $ns 2299
IF ($ts=160) THEN setVar $ns 1628
IF ($ts=1628) THEN setVar $ns 160
IF ($ts=842) THEN setVar $ns 1389
IF ($ts=1389) THEN setVar $ns 842
IF ($ts=2008) THEN setVar $ns 260
IF ($ts=260) THEN setVar $ns 2008

# SEND "x"
# WAITFOR "o beam to (Q=Quit) "
# SEND "44"
# WAITFOR "S Indiana[0;35m : "
# SEND "zebra8"
# WAITFOR "o beam to (Q=Quit) "
# SEND "q"
# WAITFOR "m?=Help[0;35m)? : "
IF ($ns<600) THEN send $ns"*"
IF ($ns>599) THEN send $ns
WAITFOR "Warp [0;32mdrive? "
SEND "y"
WAITFOR ", shall we engage? "
SEND "y"
SEND "s"
WAITFOR "m?=Help[0;35m)? : "
SEND "h"
# WAITFOR "m?=Help[0;35m)? : "
# SEND "c"
# WAITFOR "33m?=Help[0;35m)? "
# SEND "p"
# WAITFOR "sh to launch one ? "
# send "y"
# WAITFOR "ector? (Q to quit) "
# IF ($ts<600) THEN send $ts "*"
# IF ($ts>599) THEN send $ts
# WAITFOR "33m?=Help[0;35m)? "
# SEND "q"



Answer 18.


blackice - 12/18/01 1:30:28 AM   (CST)

Couple things I still see wrong. Theres no THEN statements. You also cant bunch all the IF testing info together like yours ($ts=779), has to be spaced ($ts = 779). You also don't have to enter the escape characters in your waitFor's, text is text no matter what color as far as TWX is concerned.
Below is the redone of yours. I think you also had an extra END statment at very bottom that was messin ya up.

getInput $ts "what is the trouble sector?"
IF ($ts = 2299)
      setVar $ns 779
ELSEIF ($ts = 779)
      setVar $ns 2299
ELSEIF ($ts = 160)
      setVar $ns 1628
ELSEIF ($ts = 1628)
      setVar $ns 160
ELSEIF ($ts = 842)
      setVar $ns 1389
ELSEIF ($ts = 1389)
      setVar $ns 842
ELSEIF ($ts = 2008)
      setVar $ns 260
ELSEIF ($ts = 260)
      setVar $ns 2008

#Left out all your commented lines

IF ($ns < 600)
send $ns "*"
ELSEIF ($ns > 599)
send $ns

WAITFOR "Warp drive? "
SEND "y"
WAITFOR ", shall we engage? "
SEND "ys"
#For next WAITFOR, most ppl usually use WAITFOR "Command [TL="
#But Its just preference I think, plus it helps to understand which prompt u really lookin at :P
WAITFOR "m?=Help)? : "
SEND "h"



Tweety - 12/18/01 4:12:17 AM   (CST)

The TWX script engine works in lines. every command is on its own line. You can NOT place multiple commands on one line.

For example:
setVar $name "Tweety" setVar $age 21

Script Engine Result: FAILED

You will want to do them on individual lines like this:

setVar $name "Tweety"
setVar $age 21

Script Engine Result: SUCCESS!!

And again, you can NOT leave out the spaces like blackice mentioned above. The TWX engine doesn't like that one bit.

Eg 1)



Script Engine Result: FAILED

Eg 2)

if ($name = "Tweety")


Script Engine Result: SUCCESS!!


Question 19.  How do you use triggers? And stay safe? Along with CURRENTLINE?

Thor - 12/17/01 7:47:21 PM   (CST)

I THINK (?) :) I have figured out how I would set up a script trigger. But I want to know how to set up the program so that it gets information out of the current line, the same one it uses to do a trigger, and use that as a variable. The part of the current line I want to use is sector numbers when a fighter reports someone has entered my sector. So that my script is totally automatic pretty much. I would really appreciate any help any of you can give me.




Answer 19.


Tweety - 12/17/01 9:07:18 PM   (CST)

Sounds like a simple script. here is a simple script that will pull the sector number out of a Report Sector message you may see when someone hits a fighter. This example does NOT have any validation to make sure that this wasn't a false message sent by fed com.

setTextLineTrigger fig :execute "Report Sector"

getText CURRENTLINE $sector "Sector " ":"
clientMessage $sector

The variable CURRENTLINE is a built in variable you use to grab the current line when a trigger has executed. i use the getText command to pull the text between Sector and : in the real Report sector message and place it in the bariable called $sector. then i just print out on the screen the sector number i pulled out.



Thor - 12/17/01 9:26:35 PM   (CST)

Thanks Tweety, that helps a lot. How would i designate this information as a variable? What I want to do is to warp to a sector where I have a fighter next to the one where they just came into. So, I am doing up an if then list of fighter pairs, and I want to get the sector number out of this alert so that I can have the TWX script automatially take me to the nearby sector as soon as someone wanders into this other sector. Appreciate the help on getting out input.




blackice - 12/18/01 1:19:34 AM   (CST)

setTextTrigger 1 :Fig "Deployed Fighters "
setVar $line CURRENTLINE
stripText $line ":"
getWord $line $sector 5
send "M" $sector
send "*"

Very simple usage of it. When someone hits ANY fig, it triggers off the Deployed Fig line, then goes to the :Fig line. We then save that whole line that contained our trigger word, and save it to variable $line. Then we strip the colon off it because its in same word as the sector # we want.
(Ex. Deployed Fighters in Sector :253)
Then we just want the 5th word, which is our sector, and save that word as variable $sector. So now we got the sector stored so all we gotta do is our move command. Sends M to move, then enters variable which is actually sec 253, and the * means enter.

Of course this doesnt take into acct TWarp on, or stuff that gets in the way of warping. And like Tweety pointed out, anyone could just type a msg on fedcom or subspace channel and it would trigger if the words matched your trigger. So you would need to validate that first. Just get the 1st word and make sure its not a F, P, or a R. (Fedcom, private hail, subspace)



Tweety - 12/18/01 3:59:04 AM   (CST)

Watch out with your approach there blackice, sometimes you get different messages when people hit fighters, depending on the game settings i guess. sometimes you see Deployed Fighters, sometimes you don't and get Report Sector. but both of the phrases have report sector it in anyway.

if you want to find an adjacent fighter to where someone hit, your going to have to either read in from a file a list of sector where you have fighters located, or grab them from the game before the script waits for someone to hit the fighter. I would suggest loading them into an array, and then checking later. I'm not going to write the whole thing for you, but here is a little bit of what i think you need to know.

here is an example:

SEND "g"
WaitFor "===="
  setTextLineTrigger corp :recordFtr "Corp"
  setTextLineTrigger pers :recordFtr "Personal"
  setTextLineTrigger done :startScript "Total"

   getWord CURRENTLINE $sectornum 1
   setVar $fig[$sectornum] "TRUE"
   GOTO :resetFtrTriggers

  setTextLineTrigger fig :execute "Report Sector"

   getText CURRENTLINE $sectornum "Sector " ":"
   getSector $sector $sectordata

   setVar $warpnum 1
    if ($warpnum > 6)
    GOTO :nojump

    setVar $jumpsector $sectordata.warp[$warpnum]
    if ($jumpsector = 0)
    GOTO :nojump

    if ($fig[$jumpsector] = "TRUE")
    GOTO :GO
    ADD $warpnum 1
    GOTO :searchLoop

     clientMessage "Script Resetting: No ajacent fig to warp."
     GOTO :startScript

  SEND "m"&$jumpsector&"*"

This script will NOT actually take you all the way there, but it gets you started anyway heh. Or i think it should. I have not tested this. What I have done was make this script send g at the start of the script and record all the fighters you have deployed into an array called $fig. well i didn't really record the sector number, rather marked an index part of the array as TRUE if a fig exists in the sector. then once all that was completed, I started up the script waiting for the Report Sector message like my previous example. This time when it activates, it grabs the sector number from the message, stores it in a variable called $sectornum and then immediately goes to the TWX database and looks for the adjacent warps. It then cycles through until it finds an adjacent sector with a fighter in it, if not it tells you and resets waiting for the next fighter to be hit. This script will require that you run either 1_ZTM.ts or 2_ZTM.ets to do some Zero Turn mapping so that TWX Proxy has the warps of the game in its database.



blackice - 12/18/01 10:37:39 AM   (CST)

Really Tweety? I've used it at like 3 diff servers and I've also had it work fine off the Deployed Fighters. It's lil early to be sure, but I thought it was deployed fighters was in both msgs. Guess if ya unsure, use both text triggers to go to same :line :P

Thor, it's also maybe a lil early for u to be tackling arrays if ya haven't got the hang of the language and the simplier stuff. You may wanna just make a couple practice scripts to get the hang of how TWX works and runs scripts.



Thor - 12/18/01 4:17:41 PM   (CST)

Thanks Tweety and Black Ice, appreciate the advice :)



Tweety - 12/18/01 4:34:20 PM   (CST)

Maybe now TWGS has a generic Report Sector message, but i know from when i first started TWX scripting hehe. i was pounding the keyboard cause a script didn't work. It would work in one game but not the other. later i figured out that it was because it was trying to grab the wrong data from the line. Thats when i think i asked Xide to give me the getText command. this was WAY back in TWGS versions though heh i think in the .3x or so but i don't remember for sure.


Question 20.  TWX Database gone phooey?

blackice - 12/13/01 8:31:20 PM   (CST)

About week and half ago, Win2k barfed on me and gave blue screen of death and did the whole core dump while I was playin TWX with SWATH. Rebooted and everything ok til I tried to log back in to play. I did a holo scan and TWX just closes, no errors. Repeated and rebooted numerous times. I renamed the database file thinkin it went corrupt and sure enuf it works ok now. Just tonite, I logged in and holo scan'd and its crashin TWX again. I renamed the database file and all's good again. Weird thing is nothing happened this last time to cause the corruption. Its also annoyin to loose your whole database file :/ Anyone else had any probs like this or thoughts?



Answer 20.


Tweety - 12/18/01 6:09:49 PM   (CST)

I do know Xide mentioned one time before that when you scanned from a planet, it corrupts the database heh. I think he mentioned that he fixed that. I just don't have the fixed version. however i have never had windows crash on me when i scan. I use win 98 though. i do have win 2k server on another partition, but its only a trial version so i haven't really tested twx on it.



Question 21.  Counting backwards to 0, for looping in scripts.

Thor - 12/20/01 12:39:32 AM   (CST)

Hi everyone. You have been great to give support in the past. I am learing a lot from the answers to the questions. I wrote a script trying to go to the port at terra and get shields and shield a planet. I want to modify the script somewhat, once I get the basic thing going. Everything is running well, except the countdown code I put into the script at the bottom. Could someone take a look at this and tell me what I am doing wrong? I put the text from the whole script in here, but it's just the countdown stuff at the end that is giving me fits. Thanks for any help you can give.

getInput $nr "how many times to repeat the script?"
getInput $pl "which planet to shield?"
setVar $count $nr
#$count is the variable I want to use for the countdown

send "l"
waitFor "Land on which planet"
send $pl "*"
waitFor "?=help"
send "tnt1*"
waitFor "?=help"
send "cgt"
waitFor "to transfer?"
send "200*"
waitFor "=help"
send "b1*y"
waitFor "Command [TL="
send "ptc"
waitFor "How many shield armor points"
send "2000*"
waitFor "Which item do you wish to buy? (A,B,C,Q,?)"
send "q"
waitFor "Command [TL="
send "n1yy"
waitFor "Command [TL="
send "l"
waitFor "Land on which planet"
send $pl "*"
waitFor "?=help"
send "cgt"
waitFor "to transfer?"
send "200*"
waitFor "?=help"
send "q"
waitFor "?=help"
send "q"

# this is the code I am trying to use to get a countdown so that the
# script will run the number of times specified in $nr and quit

setVar $count = ($nr - 1)
IF ($count = 0)
goto :end
goto :subOne




Answer 21.


Jama - 12/20/01 12:58:50 AM   (CST)

I dont know anything about scripting in TWX but....
Maybe the reason it isnt working is that you are setting the variable AFTER you get the input from the person?

getInput $nr "how many times to repeat the script?"
getInput $pl "which planet to shield?"
setVar $count $nr
#$count is the variable I want to use for the countdown


PS Have we played in the same game before Thor?



blackice - 12/20/01 1:50:24 AM   (CST)

subtract $nr 1
IF ($nr = 0)
        goto :end
        goto :subOne

OR how I would write it (personal taste)

subtract $nr 1
IF ($nr <> 0)
        goto :subOne



Tweety - 12/20/01 2:12:19 AM   (CST)

This section of your code is causing you some problems:

setVar $count = ($nr - 1)
IF ($count = 0)
goto :end
goto :subOne


what you are doing here is setting the variable $count to equal =. and there is no command called THEN, you would get an error there. I also think you forgot the END in your if statement.

what you will want to do is something like this:

SUBTRACT $count 1
IF ($count = 0)
  GOTO :end
  GOTO :subOne


this would do what i think you are trying to do above. cause all you want to do i think i subtract 1 from your count. cause above in your script you did set count as what someone inputed i think it was $nr.



blackice - 12/20/01 3:12:19 PM   (CST)

Wow, is there an echo in this thread? ;)



nzthordm - 12/21/01 8:26:58 PM   (CST)



e c h o . . .




Thor - 12/21/01 9:28:29 PM   (CST)

Thanks for the help everyone, I think I can see what you mean and where I am getting the code wrong. Yes, I think we have played on the same game together Jama, don't remember if it was the Index BBS one or the one on Memphis Tradewars.Thanks again for the help everyone. Thor


Question 22.  Running Double TWX trouble #2?

Ahab - 12/21/01 7:50:55 AM   (CST)

Ok. As it says, this is the seemingly stupid question of the week. I've been seeing a lot of questions about the ability to run 2 Twx's at the same time and the answer is always to 'assign another listening port'. Well, how DOES one do that? If 23 is default, how does a player find out what other ports are available to use?



Answer 22.


Angus - 12/21/01 1:53:23 PM   (CST)

Use the command "netstat -an" from the command prompt. The port numbers for all your open ports will be to the right of the colon. You are only interested in the TCP ports that are "Listening".

When created extra ports I usually add 1000, so you could try 1023 for telnet.



blackice - 12/21/01 2:47:12 PM   (CST)

IF ya didn't understand that Ahab, lemme try top simplify it.

There are a total of 65,535 possible TCP ports your computer can use. Average computer uses like a total of 10-15 at one time(at the most). If you wanna find a port that u can use, go to your command prompt/DOS. And do the NETSTAT -AN. It will show you all open ports on your computer. The ones you wanna look at are the TCP ports, that are LISTENING. Those are ports already taken and waiting for data. Pick ANY other # thats not listed in that TCP LISTENING and your fine. You can use a port from the other categories, but you may run into conflicts with other stuff. But geez, you got 65k diff ports you can use anyways :P

To change the listenin port in TWX, just right click on its Icon, and go to Setup. Then click the Program tab on top. Set the port you wanna use, then go to your telnet app and have it connect to and that new port u just stuck in. Some apps wont let you choose which port to telnet on, like some old versions of ZOC, so what u do is type it in as (replace port# with the actual port #)



Ahab - 12/22/01 6:17:29 AM   (CST)

Thanks you guys. I'd been wondering about that for some time, just never asked.